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My Ganja Story

Cannabis and Mental Health

It's difficult to describe why an adult, who voluntarily decides to implement a close to being fully legalized superplant into her self care and mental health regimen would need to come out of the non-gay closet on #420. Yet here I am confidently declaring to the world that I too am a #PROUDSTONER in love with the cannabis sativa plant!! 
She's always been around. There,  just waiting for me to take the 80s wool off my eyes. Always curious. Never prepared to fail a drug test, or answer to all those like me who gave a side eye to everyone who smoked weed. Although all of us were alcohol consumers. That was fine of course. We drank socially, to celebrate, to relax. And although I knew first hand how alcohol destroys families, I, like many others, still demonized the consumption of cannabis. Fast forward to a new chapter. After being left without instruction and a homemade edible, and an Amsterdam trip to follow years later. There I stood at the onset of a pandemic, understanding how imperative mental #HEALTHEQUITY is. Explaining to my doctor what I recognize as anxiety and sleep deprivation. Needless to say @She_Loves_Clouds was born. Standing for Cannabis advocacy to #ENDTHESTIGMA, speak for those who have given their freedom for the marketing and consumption of this plant...and getting seriously blazed along the way!! #CANNABISISPERSONAL, Explore responsibly. Join me on IG for #WELLNESSWEDNESDAYS where I share my glorious mental health journey and maryjane rides shotgun.

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