Trusted Traveler Programs, Are they worth it?

For those of us who love to travel, or just appreciate the motivation we get when we have that added bit of convenience, Trusted Traveler Programs make perfect sense.

Whether you are a solo traveler in search of the next pivotal adventure or the group globetrotter set for the next excursion, the Department of Homeland Security in tandem with Customs and Border Patrol have several programs designed to not only minimize check points, but also ease the stress of warranted TSA protocols. There’s also an added incentive, no need to remove shoes, belts, laptop from bag or outerwear.

I’ve personally experienced the benefits of first three listed here below. Let’s discuss how these compare and how depending on your travel activity, which may be best for you.

TSA Pre - check

Departures from U.S. airports

  • Method of Transportation: Air

  • Were to apply: Participating U.S. airports and TSA website

  • Cost: $85

  • Requirements: Background checks, fingerprints, photo ID and proof of citizenship, in person appointment

  • Expiration: 5 years