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Will Travel For Food.....!!


Am I only the only person who builds their travel bucket list based on food they must try before they take their last breath on earth?

Who has the tried and true "travel to Italy to learn to make pasta" on their foodie bucket list?

For as long as I can remember, food has always been an open exchange for every existing cultural, generational and for some, even socio-economic gaps. Through travel we can expose ourselves to so much more history, culture, commerce and quite frankly, the pulse of the people. Food has always fueled not only my international travels but my domestic excursions as well. To some extent, I’ve toughed it out in New England by holding on the to prospect of how many costal clam huts and "lobstah" stands have gone untouched. My eyes still get big with excitement each time I’m chatting with a co-worker about the best ramen in the city or what oyster I can add to the growing list of those I love best.

Have you considered how much the food we consume on a daily basis, what we choose to serve at our tables to our families and at our dinner parties, shape or speak to how we serve, love and communicate?

I think every dish has a story. Can you think of meals you shared as a family growing up. Why some things you vowed as an adult to never allow to touch your lips. How many meals from your mom’s, grandma’s, or dad’s, granddad’s table have made it to your thanksgiving or sabbath dinner menu. Is there a special meal that you cook when your children or special guests are visiting? Which dish is the one you love to wow them with? For some of us, it's the meal we got to help with in the kitchen growing up. For some, it’s the one everyone was excited to learn mom would have on the table that night. No matter what end of the earth we sit, everyone has these stories. Some are farm to table rituals passed down from generation to generation. Some come out of necessity to survive or sacrifice. Whatever it may be, sitting at the table is where we share, learn, and commune. What’s on your foodie travel itinerary? Whats the most interesting thing you've learned about a place or people through a dish or cuisine?


Mine would have to be learning about how the mortar and pestle has made its way into the kitchens, fields and huts of many for generations across the globe.

A small curiosity of how an essential kitchen tool has evolved through time and continent, builds lineage from Africa, Asia, Central and South America. We've pounded, ground and mixed our way into so many culinary contributions. We eat. We love. How has and how does food shape your travels?

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